Why Topsail?

The services offered by Topsail are a cost-effective way for businesses to streamline their administrative functions and reduce their overhead costs by outsourcing to a specialized service with a state of the art platform. Topsail gives its clients access to immediate back-office operations support that complies with all federal contracting compliance requirements and that is managed by highly experienced and knowledgeable teams. With its customized levels of business development, payroll, bookkeeping, and human resources administrative support, Topsail customer organizations of all sizes are able to have back-office capabilities on a scale way beyond what they could afford to build in-house, while allowing customer companies to focus on expanding their businesses and margins, rather than their overhead personnel.

About Topsail

Topsail grew out of our own experience growing a small government contractor into a successful large business. We recognize that, as a small business, management needs to focus on the company’s ongoing contracts and keeping clients happy, not worrying about administrative matters. 

Our Services

At Topsail, we understand your needs. Our committed professionals work with your organization to efficiently grow your business. We offer core of essential services that are vital to a growing business, such as: new business capture (business intelligence, proposal planning and development), accounting (bookkeeping, payroll), human resources (recruitment, compliance, benefits administration), and more.