At Topsail, we understand your needs. We know that most federal contractors go into business because of their desire to pursue work in a field they are passionate about. However, after their initial successes, many small businesses are unable to grow due to the administrative burdens of working in the federal contracting arena. These organizations are stuck in a paradox. They have limited time and money to be able simultaneously to pursue new business and attend to necessary day-to-day administrative matters.

Topsail is here to help. We provide a holistic solution in a competitively priced package. Our customers are able to access and array of services that would other cost them millions of dollars per year to produce and maintain and update. In addition to providing general administrative services (accounting, recruiting, and HR administration), we also work with our clients in their pursuit of new business. We do this by optimizing our clients’ capture and proposal processes and leveraging and augmenting their technical expertise, networks, and past performance. We implement the same business development processes and techniques that have enabled our partners to win and operate hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of federal contracting opportunities. Ultimately, our approach allows our clients to more efficiently manage their finite resources and achieve greater impact with their efforts.

Our business acceleration solutions include:

Business Development

  • Opportunity Forecasting
  • Capture Planning & Implementation
  • Proposal Process Optimization
  • Strategic Partnerships and Teaming


  • Project Management Support
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Human Resources Administration
  • Payroll Administration
  • Talent Acquisition- Domestic and International
  • Employee Benefits Consulting
  • Federal Contract Bookkeeping
  • Travel (Booking, Expense Tracking, and Billing)